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What is public relations and why is it so important? Public Relations is the management of your messages and information to all your stakeholders and individuals who are in some way involved with your business. By spreading information about your business you can gain a better reputation amongst your stakeholders and customers to ensure business growth.


Do you know how much money you made by receiving FREE publicity? Many businesses are sending out press releases, but have no idea about the value they get in return. Writing the press release, following up with the media, doing a sponsorship, organising a press conference. It all looks like it costs money. But this is not true. We can help you calculate the value of free publicity you are receiving and then you can notice you are receiving back from your efforts to connect with the media, influencers and important stakeholders.


Because a lot of information you can find about Public Relations might seem a little bit vague, we hereby have a few things that we consider are part of your Public Relations strategy:

  1. Your communication with press and media
    Press releases, Advertorials and Announcements are assets you can think about when considering your communication with the media. Sometimes you require to organise a press conference to ensure a two-way communication with the press and invite them to ask questions to inform them correctly about a situation. This can be something exciting and new, but sometimes your business has a crisis and you need to reach out to the media to inform the public about the situation. Curacao Marketing can help you set up press conferences, prepare you for media correspondence or handle all media concerns for you.
  2. Events
    When you organise events for your customers, relations or stakeholders you have the option to choose from informal occasions to formal speakers events. In both cases you will be communicating with your target audience and looking forward to engage with those who are important to your business. We can help you with the stories you tell on those occasions to ensure a valuable and the desired spin off of your event.
  3. Fundraising or sponsorships
    When your a commercial organisation you might be interested in sponsoring certain events, foundations or clubs. Especially when there important stakeholders or relations are involved. Storytelling around your sponsorship is important. Let Curacao Marketing ensure that the information that is being spread about your sponsored activity or club makes sense. This means, you are not just putting a logo on the local soccer team, but you actually engage with the community around it.

When you are a foundation, you might be looking to raise funds to ensure the activities you are doing can be done well. This requires endurance. Keep engaging your stakeholders and potential sponsors in order to raise funds in a good way and help your sponsors gain their exposure in reward for their donations. We can help you set out a fundraising strategy and gain more funds for your foundation!

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