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All aspects of your event, covered by Curacao Marketing

If you are planning to organise an event, there are many balls you have to keep in the air. If you are hosting a small private event, or a grande launch of a new product, we are here to help you out on all aspects of your event. From creating the guest list, sending out the invites until booking the artists and setting up your light and sound arrangements, it can all be done through our single platform: Curacao Marketing.


We are partnering with the best vendors on Curacao to get the ultimate experience. However you do not have the hassle of requesting multiple quotations and negotiating with different type of businesses. All you need is a single point of contact and they will make all arrangements, affordable, quick and reliable!

Before your event takes place, you will have to prepare a few things to make sure you will hit the ground running. Think about the selection of your location, the description of your concept, your guest list, invitations and a lot more. Are you ready for a first brainstorm session on how to set up your event and how to start the invitation process? Contact us!
So, you have designed your event concept, selected your venue, invited a bunch of people and created your guest list. Now it is time to take a look at your location and how to dress it up properly in line with the event concept. Think about lights, stages, curtains, art, decorations and special ornaments. Nothing is crazy enough for Curacao Marketing. Hire our team to get your venue dressed up the way you want it!
Your event is ready in the concept, you know when, where and how your event is going to be. More importantly, you know what kind of people you want to attract to your event. What is your audience and how are you going to reach them. There are multiple options, both offline and online. Curacao Marketing will find a way to persuade your audience to come and visit the event. If you are organising an invite only event for your customers, you can also hire us to keep track of the guest list and to call all invitees to confirm their attendance.