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Branding and Sponsorship are two strategies that are based on loyalty.

Branding starts with knowing who you are as an organisation. When you know this you want to tell this to your audience and also let them experience and feel who you are.

Branding is the start of your marketing. You can compare branding and marketing with the famous quote ‘you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself’. This means that without good branding, you can never do good marketing! So start thinking today about who you are, why you do what you do and what makes you different from the others. We can help you out with setting out your branding strategy, create a brandbook and create the look and feel of your business.


Sponsorship is a favour you do for for example a sports club.This can be financial or in forms of labour provided. Imagine that you run a catering business and you sponsor the local soccer team in your neighbourhood for a lunch after the game. In return the uniform that the team wears has your logo on it. All the people watching the game constantly see your logo on the shirts. You get exposure in return. But this exposure is not the only advantage you can get from sponsoring. When you sponsor a good cause such as a sports club or a nature foundation, customers are more likely to buy from your company because your company is loyal to the community!

Your sponsorship guidelines are very important to be set out in advance. Determine when or where you would like to give back to the community and make sure to be good and tell it. It is not possible to donate money or labour to everyone, therefor it is good to set out a strategy: who would you like to reach, where are your stakeholders and most of all; what do you think is a good cause. Sometimes, instead of donating money, you can organize a clean up or a charitable event. Let Curacao Marketing help you out with setting out the strategy or with placing your branded items at your sponsored event!